[Fic] Crush
Title: Crush
Characters: Kaldur, Artemis, OFCx3, OMC, Lorena Marquez
Pairings: Kaldur + Harem, Kaldur/Lorena
Summary: Five times someone crushed on Kaldur, and one time Kaldur crushed on someone.

Herp derp.

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[Fic] Under the Sea
Collab with misterfuzzyrainbow on tumblr. First part written by her, last by me.

Title: Under the Sea
Characters: Kaldur, Wally, Dick
Pairings: None
Summary: Kaldur's running a fever and sits in the tub to cool down. Wally and Robin feel like singing to him.
Warning: Silly prompt fic and bros being bros.

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(no subject)

Title: Dinosaur
Characters: Tim Drake, Conner Kent, Zachary Zatara, Bart Allen
Pairing: TimKon
Summary: Every time Tim hears the word "dinosaur," he has to hug someone.
Warning: SO MUCH FLUFF. 

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[Fic] Glee Club

Title: Glee Club
Characters: Teddy Altman, Billy Kaplan, mentions of other Young Avengers
Pairing: Teddy/Billy
Summary: High School AU, with the Young Avengers in Glee Club.
Warning: None. Maybe too much sweet?

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Making Rocky Road brownies when I should be writing fanfiction.
Ok, so I usually post recipes on my tumblr, but it's easier to find them again here on livejournal.

Besides, with brownies like these, their magic is meant to be shared.

Look, my only problem with looking online for brownie recipes is because nearly all of them ask that I drag my lazy ass to the store and buy brownies that can be made from a box.

I'm like, Bitch, the reason I'm looking online is because I don't have a magical box that can instantly make me brownies. So I'm forced to make them from scratch, going through recipe after recipe looking for something that tastes nearly identical to the ones in the box BECAUSE RIGHT NOW I CAN'T GO TO THE STORE OKAY? WHY GO TO THE STORE AND BUY A BOX EVERY TIME I NEED BROWNIES WHEN I CAN JUST MAKE IT FROM SCRATCH WITH THE STUFF I ALREADY HAVE AT HOME??
So I found it.
I found that fucking recipe.
And it was glorious.
So I decided to share it with you! I have grainy pictures taken with my cellphone!
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[Fic] Games We Play
 Title: Games We Play - Part 1
Rating: PG-13 (highest it will ever go)
Characters: AU - Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Wally West, Kaldur Ahm, Arthur Curry, Tula, Garth, Topo, Lori Lemaris, Roy Harper, Dinah Lance, Oliver Queen
Summary: AU - There's a new MMORPG that has everyone talking: City of Adventure. Choose your alias to receive your own back story and city to protect. Or destroy.
Beware: Changes between past and present tense, changes in tone, situational OOC.

I need a beta. Seriously, is anyone willing to help a girl out?? (I know I should just look, but I want someone who is familiar with this fandom already.)

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Feel Good [Fanfic]
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Dominance [Fanfic]

Pairing: Artemis/Wally
Rating: T, pushing M
Summary: Wally likes to be dominated.
For yj_anon_meme

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 Hrrmmm......so I think this is my first post (created this new account months ago.....I think), and it's high time I put something on here.

Hi! My name's Claire and I take an ungodly amount of joy in fanfiction. My recent fascination is Young Justice: Animated. I wish I could get my hands on the comics.

Title: Not in Blood, But in Bond
Characters: The Team, Roy Harper, Robin-centric
Rating: T
Word Count: +6k
Summary: yj_anon_meme : "Four times the boys of YJ were like Robin’s older brothers’ and the one time he was like their older brother (even if he is younger)."
Comments: No beta. Didn't turn out like I had planned it, but I'm satisfied with Wally's and Superboy's. On the fence with the last one.



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